Our Wernerhof – a closed farm with open people

The name Wernerhof was mentioned for the first time in 1342. The house, the barn, the fields and the mill form a so called “closed farm”, a special form of property. That means that the farm can not be divided but has to be bequeathed as whole – from generation to generation.

In 2013 we built a new biologic house for us with also two holidays apartments for our guests.

Our family is composted of 4 persons:
Helmuth, fruit and wine farmer with passion who produces his own full-bodied wine with promising success.

Gabi, farmer's wife and pastry cook, cares the two children Emma and Paul, and the farm with the numerous flowers.

Grandmother Marianne, she can tell you a lot of things of the past and takes care of the chicken and the big garden.

And not to forget our numerous animals: two dozen hens, one proud rooster, ducks, cats with kittens and rabbits. 

The products of our farm

Depending of the season we offer a lot of fruits and vegetables, herbs, free-range eggs, homemade jams, juices, chutney and farmers bread.